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Nordic Stream Group OÜ is developing an innovative railway ferry project, the aim of which is to connect the Finnish railway network with that of other European Union countries and to be an extension of the railway being built in Rail Baltic in the future, using our railway ferry as a railway floating bridge. Thanks to the rail connection provided by our rail ferry, our customers can reduce the costs of transshipment of goods in ports and shorten the delivery time and transportation costs of their goods.

The project was launched in 2023. As one of the first works, the conceptual design of the railway ferry M/V “SEARAIL” was completed. This design was prepared by the Ukrainian company “Maritime Engineering Bureau”, which has also designed most of the railway ferries in use in the world today.

The ship is innovative – in addition to the main and auxiliary engines, which work as a hybrid solution of green ammonia and marine diesel oil, the ship also has its own solar park and wind generators on board. The ship uses nearly 19,000 tons of green ammonia per year as fuel, which is supplied by our subsidiary OÜ Derivaat NH3. The ship is 220 meters long, 29 meters wide, has a draft of 6.5 meters and on its main deck there are 1100 meters of railway lines of both 1520 mm and 1435 mm wide, where it is possible to place 77 railway wagons simultaneously.

It is a RoPax type railway ferry, where, in addition to railcars, it is also possible to load trucks and cars, and also 228 40′ containers on its main deck. The ship has 382 seats for passengers, truck drivers and crew.

The goal is to start transporting goods using our rail ferry using the existing 1520 mm railway infrastructure both in Finland and the Baltic countries, and to carry out transshipment to the 1435 mm railway (and vice versa) in Kaunas. When the Rail Baltic railway starts its operations, which is planned for 2030, the goods would be loaded and/or transshipped in Finland.

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