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The DerivaatNH3 website uses cookies, which are text files stored on your device when visiting the website. These cookies are essential for providing services, collecting statistical data, and protecting against malicious activities. They also improve the visitor’s experience and store information. The main purpose is to register users’ activities and preferences for a specified period and to ensure website security.

Types of Cookies

The website uses various types of cookies: functional, analytical, and security-related cookies.

Functional cookies are necessary for the smooth operation of various website functions, such as filling out and sending forms, managing user accounts, language choices, navigation, and sharing. They are mainly intended to simplify web browsing and improve the user experience.

Analytical cookies are tasked with collecting data about website visitation, thereby helping to improve content and services. These cookies do not store personally identifiable information.

Security-related cookies ensure that requests sent to the website come from legitimate users.

Functionality Cookies:

Statistics and third-party cookies:

Google Analytics cookies: Collecting usage statistics. Through the Google Analytics service, data and statistics on how visitors use the page are collected.

_ga – A unique cookie used to distinguish users. Collects user and session. Duration 2 years.

G-XGNP91487Z – Used to maintain session information. Duration 2 years.

For more information about Google Analytics cookies, visit here:

Managing Cookies

You can opt out of cookies at any time by changing the settings of the web browser used on your device and deleting stored cookies. To manage cookies, you can also use the “Manage site cookies” banner located at the bottom of the page. You can also limit cookies externally – for more information, visit