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Hello, we are Derivaat NH3.

Specialising in green chemistry and energy development, we are committed to making a sustainable future accessible and effective.

Join us as we lay the foundations of green.


We are looking for the best partners to carry out development work that brings us closer to a green future. We invite all those who wish to contribute to participate.


We are growing, evolving, and looking for new talents to help shape a sustainable future. Here you will find information about opportunities to join our team. Join us!


We are curious, boldly applying new knowledge and solutions, and we act through comprehensive cooperation, always adhering to honesty, safety, and sustainability.

Our goal is to advance green innovation by making it practical and scalable.

We combine the experiences and knowledge of leaders in the energy, chemistry, transport, and financial sectors. Through connected knowledge, we can create solutions that support the balanced development of the environment, economy, and society. “Foundations of a Green Future” marks our commitment to environmental care and innovations. We are active leaders, providing sustainability-enabling tools and methods, integrating new technologies and approaches into industry and everyday life.


  • Olav Miil

    Olav Miil is renowned as the co-founder of the Eften Real Estate Fund, listed on the Nasdaq Baltic Exchange. He has extensive experience in the real estate sector, developing the Maakri Quarter and several hotels in Estonia and other Baltic countries. Olav’s previous business experience is strongly associated with shipping, operating ferry connections between Estonia’s major islands and the mainland. He is a versatile businessman leading companies that develop innovative projects on the international stage.

  • Johannes Pieter Vrijenhoef

    Hans Vrijenhoef is a prominent figure in green energy innovation, especially in the field of green ammonia production. The future president of the USA Ammonia Energy Association and the long-time CEO of Proton Ventures BV, Hans has led the development and implementation of green ammonia technologies. His nearly four-decade career in business development has focused on ammonia-based projects, providing advice on energy storage systems and the energy transition for both industrial and consumer markets.

  • Erik Laidvee

    Erik Laidvee, an economist with a master mariner’s education, began his career in Estonian Shipping and has led significant projects in the Port of Tallinn for years, particularly in the Muuga container and general cargo terminals. His latest years as CEO of AS Eesti Raudtee were dedicated to the company’s renewal and modernization, resulting in one of the region’s most modern and innovative railways. He is now focused on developing green energy, leading companies in this field since 2021.

  • Taavi Veskimägi

    Taavi Veskimägi was the CEO of Estonian electricity&gas TSO Elering for 14 years with excellent pan-European network in the energy sector. He is the Founder & Chairman of the Estonian Defence and Aerospace Industry Association, Partner of 2C Ventures Cleantech VC fund, and the Former Minister of Finance of Estonia.